Our approach and experience

London Research International (LRI) provides professional international marketing services for industrial estates. Our distinctive edge is the ability to provide our clients with marketing services not merely as an agent but also as a development consultant. We can properly link the concept and objectives of a project to a marketing plan. We can also construct a master development plan and undertake feasibility studies. Out approach is comprehensive and flexible in order to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Our experts will assist you with any marketing activity during the process of acquiring the right tenants for your site. Our experts can:

  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify your target industries as well we geographical markets
  • Undertake market positioning and pricing studies
  • Develop a marketing plan aimed precisely at the target audience
  • Implement the marketing plan and, if necessary, coordinate on-going marketing activities

Based on your needs, our experts will also assist you with consultancy services to complement your industrial estate initiatives. Our experts can:

  • Construct a concept or a comprehensive development plan
  • Determine various options for tenant structure and composition
  • Undertake pricing studies for utilities and services
  • Undertake feasibility studies of the development plan
  • Identify and assess risk involved
  • Prepare operation and management plans
  • Coordinate with engineering consultants


Rabigh Conversion Industrial Park, Saudi Arabia

A noteworthy example of LRI’s experience in industrial estate marketing is our project with Rabigh Conversation Industrial Park in Saudi Arabia. This industrial estate, sponsored by Saudi Armaco and Sumitomo Chemical, is a 240-hectare industrial estate located adjacent to a refining and petrochemical complex and is designed to accommodate plastics manufacturers. We participated in the project from the concept development through the market research phase to the implementation of its large-scale marketing plan involving over 20 countries.


Marketing Strategies

We targeted over 1,000 plastic converters worldwide and employed various marketing tools, including brochures, newsletters, publication advertisements, telemarketing, and seminars and workshops. The combination of these tools resulted in reaching the target audience in a relatively short period of time, and provided sufficient information regarding the advantages and value the industrial estate could offer to its prospective tenants. Our strategic approach for successfully launching and sustaining an industrial estate includes attaining an optimum mix of tenants, which achieves higher efficiency levels and larger economics of scale on the estate. Therefore, our long-term objective for Rabigh Conversion Industrial Park included its sustainable development through well-designed tenant selection procedures.