Business environment has been remarkably improving in most African countries. However, challenges still remain for international organizations, including security, corruption, bureaucracy, shortage of skilled manpower, and difficulty of finding a suitable local partner. Another important aspect of doing business in Africa is that each country and even each region of a country can be grossly different from others in the socio-political context.

With experienced professionals on the ground, we provide vital local support and advice for you. Our consultants have proven-skills of project management with additional expertise in different areas, e.g., engineering and finance, and we as a team have capacity to cope with expected and unexpected circumstances.

Our primary market includes development projects funded by international and bilateral donors, and capital investment projects and market entry and expansion by international companies. We welcome collaboration and partnership with local and international consultancies and companies. Our main services are summarized in the following table.

PMC services table

Our consultants work under the professional indemnity held by London Research International Ltd.

LRI’ s dedicated team of PPP experts, who encompass a wide range of skills they have developed over careers spanning several decades, are available to provide support for any PPP project internationally. We cover:
(1) all the major sectors, including transportation, education, health, energy, water and defence;
(2) all stages of the project cycle, from inception to training and operation, and;
(3) both public and private sector clients.

With top management experience of major service providers or PPP contractors, our experts can advise investors on how to manage and develop PPP businesses. Our services include:

PMC PPP services table